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Bonjour to all darlings who happen to stumble across my humble journal!

My name is Naya, and I'm the fabulous owner of this bunny-and-rainbow infested journal -no literaly, just look around you. Bunnies and rainbows, yeah?

I like to think I have a way with words -on paper at least, yes? -but ,truly, only those of you who read my material can be judges of that. I do write. And I'd like to write frequently but those of you who (perhaps) follow my writing are probably catching onto the fact that I've been writing less and less. I do try but alas, I have dreams beyond writing fantabulous stories.
Not that I know that my writing is fantabulous. I'm just saying, yeesh.

If anyone's curious, my dream beyond writing fantabulous stories is to do animation, and perhaps writing graphic novels. I'd like to do both but I'm a long way from achieving either goal -thus, I am practising, practising, practising my drawing instead of writing, writing, writing, my stories. Because practise makes perfect, as they say. Who they may be, I cannot really say. Because I do not know.

If anyone happens to be wondering about how well (or awful) I write, how interesting (or boring) my stories might be, you can find them at guresukeru_niji</lj> , my lovely, equally rainbow (sans bunnies) infested writing journal. Yes, the majority of my work is, in fact, k-pop related. Because during my writing streak last year, my easily taken mind was infested with the idea of strangely beautiful, humorous, South Korean men and women. This is still slightly true.

Despite the majority of my writing on LiveJournal being Korean-idol related, I do have a bigger fascination in Anime -it has been running my life for the last twelve-some years after all -and although I haven't posted many fanfictions on Anime, I plan to. I've also been aching to reveal some original fiction to the world! But alas, I wonder if anyone one would read them if they do not include some of they're favourite characters/persons so they might fantasize about them in some strange, usually awkward to any normal persons scenario that my spastic mind had produced. See, I do not wish for my lovely worlds to go unattended and ignored.

If anyone's wondering what fandom's I have interest in, here's a list- including my bias(es) and OTP(s);
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Other places to find me:

Writing Journal ; Twitter ; Tumblr ; DeviantArt ; Formspring

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Ah the wonders of trying to become a cartoonist (AKA I'm writing a comic this summer!)

Hola everyone.

It's been quite a while since my last entry to LJ, sometimes I wonder why I still have one.

Of course it's 'cause I need to write out my thoughts a times. That was an unworthy question....

Anyways, guys (whoever actually bothers to read this.) I've decided to write a short comic. Well, I aim to be a graphic novelist and animator, so I've got to start somewhere.

And so after around... two hours of brainstorming, I've come up with a plot for my (hopefully)soon-to-be comic. Or at least an idea of what may be good for it. And then maybe you all can help me improve the idea :D (once again, who ever actually bothers reading this.)

So far the idea I actually have is:

Rory (names may change) wakes up in 'Heaven' with no recollection of who he was or how he died. Even his name - only knowing himself as 'Rory' because it's what the Angel who takes care of him calls him.

Although thoroughly confused and frustrated about his amnesia, Rory stays in Heaven - Angel tells him that what he's going through is perfectly normal, everyone goes through it - He will no know "Who" he is until "He" decides so (Capital-H-he referring to God of course.)

After what maybe weeks though, a young man calling himself "Abel"(again, names may change) appears before him and asks "Are you sure this is what you want?", causeing Rory to think that his Heaven is not really what it seems.



And that is just about what i have so far, as you can guess (probably), Rory takes Abel's call and decides to 'escape' Heaven.

I only have the above three characters so far.

Rory (Protagonist):
-Supposedly 19
-around 5'6''
-brown hair and brown eyes
-confused, frustrated, and hesitent
-he's quite trusting

-Looks like he's in his early 20s
-a tad taller then Rory
-Long blonde hair, grey eyes
-He's a mystery~ oooh

Angel(Antagonist - you saw this, don't lie)
-age? Who knows. He's an Angel.
-Very pale
-very... kind(?)

and well that's just  about it...

I'm working on the initial character sketches and finalizing plot an dialogue and all. I need to figure out how i want to draw this story.

I'm thinking that there will be around 5-7 chapters and each chapter will have around 10-15 pages.

Tell me what you think about this please :) this is my first attempt at a comic and any critique/ideas/comments would be really appreciated!!

Oh, and I could use help brainstorming titles, thanks C:
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no more fanfics...

So I guess I'll just say it... I think I've lost interest in K-pop. Mostly... I mean, I still like K-pop - listen to them, fawn over some idols yadayada - but I'm just not interested anymore...

I mean, I do read the occasional OTP-pairing fanfiction, but that's like it man....

And I guess K-bands are the only fandoms I write about (Well, the majority anyways.) And here comes the problem. I have... wait... approximately 50 incomplete fanfictions sitting on my computer.

I don't know what to do with them. I don't feel like writing the majority of them... I know I owe some people fanfictions, which I'll do. I'll finish some of the long ones (but since I have no interest they'll probably be shorter than originally planned) and there were some ideas that really interested me that I will do but I don't know what to do with the rest.

It's sad to say but, hey, with my attention span, it was bound to happen...  

If anyone knows what to do with them (if you want them)... like, i think there were some good plots in there, it seems a shame to let them just rot... maybe I'll turn them into original fiction... i just don't feel like writing fanfiction anymore...
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Je t'aime mes amis ♥

Lately I've been thinking about how much I love my friends.

One the way home from school today, one of my friends asked me if I'd join the schools Gay-Straight-Alliance (honestly I didn't know we had one. I would have joined long ago if I had...), anyways, the conversation was interrupted by another one of my friends (I'll call her Appa for convenience's sake since she's unofficially married to my Micky-Umma (Who, if no one knows, is my parental, motherly, my-real-parents-trust-her-to-keep-me-from-my-inevitable-early-a.d.d-aspired-death friend) ) butting in and commenting about my sexuality.
(Really, she claims to be straight, but out of us all, she acts the most... anyways, we all know she's just a closet case.) 
So in the end we all ended up ganging up on her to try "Getting her out of the closet". It was really comical really cause we were in the middle of the street and she was yelling "I'm straight! I like boys!" (Appa you pedo). It got to the point where I claimed hit on her until she admitted she liked girls, and to be honest, I know she's not gay cause I think the idea of me liking her more than a friend freaked her out.  And of course I told her she wasn't my type (she isn't.) to calm her down... And then Umma asked me "So just what is your type?" 

Honestly I was kind of reluctant to answer. I don't really talk about girls with my friends cause it gets sort of awkward (like now). But I did tell her I guess. (If anyone's curious, I like tall slim, girls. and when I say tall I really do mean tall, think runway model with a little less anorexia.)

And of course Umma had to crack a joke at my expense. Not that I'm not used to it since apperantly I'm easy to make fun of and jokes are often cracked at my expense. But it did make it a lot less awkward....

I don't know. I just feel like it's an unwritten law that I'm not supposed to speak of my sexuality in front of my friends. Even when I first came out to them in eighth grade, i quickly added a "I'm joking!" to the end just because I was so damn nervous about what they'd say, but I guess they all really know it wasn't a joke. (And if they do think I"m just joking, I still love them for not saying anything overtly hurtful.) And I guess that's the first time I really talked about my sexuality comfortably with a friend.

I digress. The entire point in this was to say that I love my friends and that I'm really happy that they don't judge me (but at the same time, they're always keeping me from doing dumb things.) and they listen to what I have to say when I really need to talk. And yeah, I just really love them all.


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Hey everyone~!

It's been a while. Everyone must think I'm dead eh? I'm not.

I hope people have missed me (or remembered me at that). I've decided to come out of hiding. This decision came, of course, from the tragic death of half my fanfictions when my dad accidentaly erased my harddrive -__-||  Anyways, yea, I still have a lot of the stuff on Berlin (that's the name of my storage/work comuter by the way) but I have to re-write some things, and I've decided that all in all it's better to get things up before something tragic happens once more.

I also have some belated requests to finish. So those will be first /nods

Anyways, expect updates starting tomorrow ;3

muah~♥ I love you guys

xoxo Naya